Thursday, December 4, 2008

More than 1 way to use things

There is always usually more than 1 way to use some common household objects. Kayla has found a new way to sit in her Dora cushion chair while she watches Finding Nemo or Cars (her 2 favorite movies).

Bows at Nonnie & Pappaw's House

After Thanksgiving, Kayla and Tasha headed to Arkansas for the weekend. Kayla's Nonnie got out the Christmas decorations and Kayla had to help with the bows. The bag tipped over and she was having so much fun just tossing bows over her shoulder.

Thanksgiving Day

We cooked our 1st Thanksgiving Day Dinner this year. It was a good time with everyone who showed up and lots of food. After dinner, we went outside and Kayla had a blast in the leaves. She loves to be outside.