Thursday, December 4, 2008

More than 1 way to use things

There is always usually more than 1 way to use some common household objects. Kayla has found a new way to sit in her Dora cushion chair while she watches Finding Nemo or Cars (her 2 favorite movies).

Bows at Nonnie & Pappaw's House

After Thanksgiving, Kayla and Tasha headed to Arkansas for the weekend. Kayla's Nonnie got out the Christmas decorations and Kayla had to help with the bows. The bag tipped over and she was having so much fun just tossing bows over her shoulder.

Thanksgiving Day

We cooked our 1st Thanksgiving Day Dinner this year. It was a good time with everyone who showed up and lots of food. After dinner, we went outside and Kayla had a blast in the leaves. She loves to be outside.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Heading Out

Sunday morning, Kayla and I were heading out the door for church and I just had to get a picture. She looked too cute in her pink sweater dress.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Kayla enjoyed Halloween as a 50's Dancer.
She went for her 1st true Trick or Treating activities around the sqaure of Somerville with her cousins Austin (Darth Vader) and Allison (Fairy). Then we went to a neighborhood in Oakland and ALL of the kids racked up.
Kayla enjoyed playing with the pumpkins as we were doing our Halloween/Thanksgiving card.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zoo Boo 2008

Kayla & I went to the Memphis Zoo for Zoo Boo 2008 this past Friday night. We went with our friend Beth, her son Neal, Beth's sister- and brother-in-law and their 2 kids.
Here are the big kids on a rock: Walker as Batman, Taylor as an Arkansas Razorback Cheerleader, & Neal as Mader from Cars.
Kayla enjoyed watching the big kids run around the zoo while she was strolling. She is a 50's Dancer with a poodle skirt. I will post better pictures of her costume in the near future.
She really enjoyed (and so did the big kids) the African Band and dancers. She was trying to dance in her stroller. while she was having a Goldfish snack. We had to put pants with her costume because Zoo Boo is at night and it was cool.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The Ghost River Smoke-A-Holics Competition Barbecue Cooking Team competed in the Cleveland Octoberfest/Mississippi Delta State Barbecue Championship on October 11, 2008.
Kayla slept through most of the judging
She was very excited when we found out we finaled in ribs.
We were all thrilled to learn we won 1st place in the rib category and paid entry into the World Championship Barbecue Contest.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

White Hall High School Homecoming

Tasha's High School had homecoming last Friday (Oct. 3). I can't believe my 10 year class reunion will be next year. I was disappointed that there was not a Bulldog there. I would have enjoyed seeing Kayla react to the mascot since I was the High School mascot for 2 years.
We went down on the field for the run-through. Kayla enjoyed trying to walk on the grass.
She also enjoyed spending time with her "Aunt" Maggie after she performed at half-time.
On Saturday, Kayla, her Mommy, and Nonnie went to watch Austin play football. Kayla liked the ball. Kayla enjoyed having her Nonnie keep her warm (it was a cool morning since we are used to 75).

Friday, October 3, 2008

Look out she comes

Yes, she has finially decided to start walking! Please excuse my "Mommy" voice.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time with Family

We had a Bar-B-Que Contest this past weekend in Hot Springs, AR. We got to spend some time with family. We placed 33 out of 102 teams. Which is not bad considering we have not cooked many competitions for this style of BBQ (Kansas City). We usually cook Memphis style.
Kayla with Austin
Kayla with Allison
Kayla with Austin and Allison...she loves spending time with her cousins!
Kayla with her Daddy, Pappaw, Poppie, & Grammie (sorry I cut part of her out when I took the picture!). We were waiting on results and Kayla had about all she could take of that day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Ride

Kayla got a new ride-on thing. She has trouble riding it forward by herself, but she is pretty good at going backward. She has learned to say the word "ride" when she wants you to put her on it.

2008 Cotton Pickin' Beauty Pageant

Kayla was in the 2008 Cotton Pickin' Beauty Pageant. She won Most Photogenic for her age group based on some pictures that I turned in.
This was during our practice walk-through on the stage. Kayla has started taking a few steps on her own, but that's about it. I carried her out onto the stage, then helped her walk from one spot to another, then carried her off the stage.
This was while her age division was getting their awards. They did not do any crowing until the end, which made for a long morning for Kayla since she missed her nap.

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Trip to the Zoo

Kayla and I took our 1st trip to the Memphis Zoo together. She LOVED it! Most of the pictures I took have the back of her head because she was too busy looking at the animals to look at me for pictures.
We had the flamingos in the background of this one. Of course, there is her bracelet again.
This was in the Butterfly area. That was really neat! It was a garden of beautiful flowers and butterflies were just EVERYWHERE in there.
After she saw the Panda Bears, she just had to have one and loves all over it.
Here she is looking at one of the Panda Bears. It was feeding time.
The Memphis Zoo just had a baby giraffe. It was a little cutie!

Labor Day

Here is Kayla on Labor Day. At noon on Labor Day 2008, Dove Season opened here in Tennessee. Doesn't she just look so cute in the camo dress that her Nonnie (Tasha's mom) got her?!?!
She is not walking on her own yet, but will walk holding on to anyting.

Her Daddy just loves when they match in their camo outfits.
Yes, we make it a family affair and Kayla matched with Mommy too. By the way, she wears the braclets everywhere we go, even Sunday School and Church.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I forgot

You guys are not going to believe this...okay maybe you will...but I completely forgot to bring the camera to my computer access ALL WEEK. I have some pictures of Kayla in her camo dress from Labor Day. I will get them posted next week. Have a wonderful weekend. Tasha

Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey Everyone,
Sorry there is no update this week. I had left my camera at work all week. I will take some pictures this weekend and try to update on Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kayla had a Playdate

Kayla had a playdate with her buddy Neal. They both worked on the valuable lesson of sharing.
It was really so his mom (Beth) and I could have some time together and Beth could see our new house.
They had to kiss goodbye.
And Neal wanted to get up close with the camera before giving Kayla one more kiss...
...on the eye. Kayla was trying to kiss his check. She has started giving kisses with her lips closed.

Kayla's New Accomplishment

Kayla learned how to crawl into one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen.
And she is SO proud of her self.
She just hasn't figured out how to get out yet, so she yells up, up until someone comes to get her. Don't worry, the child safety stuff will be installed soon. But I just thought it was too cute and HAD to get a picture.

Kayla with Eli

Here is Kayla with her cousin Eli at his 1st birthday party.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kayla Turned 13 Months Old

She got to try watermelon for the 1st time and liked it.
She is a good eater and loves drinking out of her cup (Kayla=bup).
She also loves to help brush her teeth after Mommy takes her turn.
She is becoming such a big girl and loves to remind you to get her in and out of her buckle (Kayla = buc-ul).
After breakfast, she likes to play with her letters and numbers on the frig while Mommy finishes getting herself ready for work.