Friday, June 11, 2010


So back before Jamie was born, Kayla & Greg planted potatoes in a bucket. It was something we knew Kayla could help take care of & then enjoy the "fruits of her labor".

Well look at all the taters they grew together! We have eaten some of them & they sure are yummy!

They have now planted cucumbers in Kayla's bucket. I can't wait to enjoy those.
We also have tomatoes planted in buckets. Greg has picked the 1st one off & we are going to enjoy it VERY soon! Now if we could only figure out how to grow sweet corn in a bucket or grow tomatoes & sweet corn year round, Momma would be SO happy! =)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kayla Welcomes Jamie

Well, I haven't updated in FOREVER! As you can see, Miss Jamie Lynn Acie Reeves has arrived! She made her big appearance March 30, 2010. Natasha ended up on bedrest for 7 weeks during the pregnancy. She never dreamed on Jan 19 when she went to the doctor for cramping that she would not return to work until May 13. It was a bump ride, but Jamie finally got here...2 weeks to the day after her grandfather (Marvin Acie German) passed away from lung cancer.

I won't fill you in on all the details that have occurred since Jamie's arrival, but I may post about them individually. For now, I just wanted to update that Jamie had arrived & I let you know I will update more often because Greg & the girls got me faster internet for Mother's Day.

Oh, Kayla loves her new sister. She even says "I think she's perfect" when you ask her what she thinks about Jamie =) I love my girls!