Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey Everyone,
Sorry there is no update this week. I had left my camera at work all week. I will take some pictures this weekend and try to update on Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kayla had a Playdate

Kayla had a playdate with her buddy Neal. They both worked on the valuable lesson of sharing.
It was really so his mom (Beth) and I could have some time together and Beth could see our new house.
They had to kiss goodbye.
And Neal wanted to get up close with the camera before giving Kayla one more kiss...
...on the eye. Kayla was trying to kiss his check. She has started giving kisses with her lips closed.

Kayla's New Accomplishment

Kayla learned how to crawl into one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen.
And she is SO proud of her self.
She just hasn't figured out how to get out yet, so she yells up, up until someone comes to get her. Don't worry, the child safety stuff will be installed soon. But I just thought it was too cute and HAD to get a picture.

Kayla with Eli

Here is Kayla with her cousin Eli at his 1st birthday party.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kayla Turned 13 Months Old

She got to try watermelon for the 1st time and liked it.
She is a good eater and loves drinking out of her cup (Kayla=bup).
She also loves to help brush her teeth after Mommy takes her turn.
She is becoming such a big girl and loves to remind you to get her in and out of her buckle (Kayla = buc-ul).
After breakfast, she likes to play with her letters and numbers on the frig while Mommy finishes getting herself ready for work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Vacation

Kayla really enjoyed our summer vacation to North Carolina. She LOVED the beach!

At the Airport

Kayla at the airport in Jacksonville, NC with Granny, Poppaw, and Nonnie. We were leaving from summer vacation.

Kayla with Her Nonnie

Kayla loves to play with her Nonnie!

5 Generations of Reeves

Momma Dean, Mawmaw Patsy, Ricky, Greg, & Kayla

Kayla's Running Away

When we were unpacking our new house, we took a break to get Kayla outside for a little bit. I took these pictures while she was in her walker and it looks like she is running away.

Kayla's 1st Birthday

Kayla turned 1-year-old on July 13!!!! She really had a good time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Started

I am just getting started with this and may be a little slow....Bare with me. I will work on it as I can.