Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Bowl Girl

As anyone who watched the Super Bowl Game knows, there was a 3-D commercial. Kayla HAD to have some glasses too. She liked walking around in them.
I also got her 2 football bead necklaces. She still loves to wear those everday.

Isn't she just too cool...

1st Grilled Cheese

Kayla ate her 1st grilled cheese sandwich. She enjoyed it, but who wouldn't with bread and cheese involved. Kayla loves them both.

Snow Day

On January 28, 2009, we had a Snow Day. It was enough for the schools to be out (& Tasha to be off work), but Greg was able to drive into work late in the morning. Of course we had to take Kayla out to see it. Yes, I know there are no gloves on her hands, but I want to see you try to keep them on her hands.
Kayla held my hand when we first went out, but then enjoyed walking around in the snow by herself.

She also enjoyed being down on her knees and picking up the snow. She loves her hat and big coat.

Kayla liked the snow and kept wanting to stay outside.